Is your marriage or relationship on the rocks?

I feel for you. My marriage used to be on the rocks every two to three weeks.  It really sucked.  I was occasionally happy. I went through what my husband and I call…

“The Psycho Woman & Crazy Man Cycle”

…but he didn’t say it that nicely. First we would go do something fun together and “play nicely with each other”. We would have a blast hanging out, laughing, and telling our stories. We were kind and considerate for a few days, weeks and sometimes we would make it a whole month without arguing. Then something does not go as planned and we disagree, then argue, then yell and sometimes we got to swearing at each other. I would lose it way more than he would but didn’t realize it till it was too late with my first husband. I would get snappy, bicker some, try to change him and he would change alright and go out the door. I would chase my husbands (I am on husband 2) like a rabid barking dog running down the road which made them drive even faster and do burn outs. I would nag them on the phone till the cows came home because he surly didn’t want to. Does that sound like a similar situation? Hurts doesn’t it?

* What if you could have a rock solid relationship with your spouse or significant other?

Or at least have a loving, respectful connection with your loved ones. What if I could show you how I have a rock solid marriage? Sure we have disagreements but after 11 years of being together I have figured out how to be happily married and how to disagree with love.  What if I could teach you a method that would bring you more peace in your life and home?

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Oh but it is their fault, not mine!

I would blame him because he would not do things my way. He drank too much, smoked too much, didn’t treat my kids right, didn’t pick up after himself, didn’t stick up for me when I spoke out of line, especially when it came to family. If he would only…

*What if I could teach you one sentence that would change your life forever?

Your loved ones will surely appreciate your change of heart and so will you.  I can help.

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Sound too familiar, well here’s more…..

Then I would give in and apologize because I acted so stupid without resolving the issue and go about my day.  Then I would be super kind because I felt so stupid for my ugly behavior.  A few weeks would go by and all of a sudden when things didn’t go my way again, I switch back to “Psycho Woman” .   It totally sucked to be me. I was not happy, didn’t know how to be happy.  Maybe you are not as bad as I was but I know there are people dealing with this ugly psycho woman and mad man cycle.

*What if you could have peace with it being your fault?

Allow me to show you how not to blame anyone but to fix the problem. Let me teach you how to forgive.

forgivenessI did! It is so enlightening when you truly forgive someone who hurt you. But first you have to figure out how to do that. Of course it takes time, but what if you could get over it quicker and get on with your day in a good way.

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*What if I could teach you this life changing phrase?


Are you still pissed off right now at someone?

I used to be pissed off at someone for something. Whether it be one of my husbands, one of my three sons, his family, my girlfriends, my children’s teachers. I would create situations inadvertently. It would take me hours, day and sometimes weeks to get over.

*What if I could give you a tool that would help you get over your anger a lot quicker?

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Are you grumpy a lot?

I was grumpy, cranky, irritable, fast and bad tempered, mean, touchy, crabby, ornery, inconsiderate, frustrated, angry, and complained a lot. The crazy thing is I didn’t realize I was like that. I thought it was them.  I seriously thought there was nothing wrong with my behavior and that is how I was supposed to conduct myself.  My family did the same.

*What if I could give you a rock that would teach you how to love yourself and how to love others the way they like to be loved?

Do you cry a lot?

I cried almost daily for many years, especially when I had my period and going through menopause was miserable for me and everyone around me. Back then, I rarely enjoyed life. I even tried to kill myself with pills. I am a shame to admit it but that was part of my growing pains to wisdom. I don’t want you to have to go through what I went through. I want you to have a happy, peaceful, content life so that you can Pay It Forward.

*What if I can bring you joy when you are having a bad day?

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